America: Versatile in all its simplicity

While South America is known as the continent of steaks, more and more interesting chicken dishes appear on the menu the further north we go. Thank goodness. Chicken and waffles for breakfast? Taco Pollo just before the siesta? Or a bowl of chicken nuggets, buffalo wings or popcorn chicken as a snack? The North American countries really show the versatility of chicken.

The cuisines in Mexico, the United States and Canada changed considerably under the influence of conquistadors, colonists and pilgrims. Thanks to its taste, easy preparation and versatility, chicken is used in almost all traditional Mexican dishes. In the deep south of America, they treat all chicken equally -by deep frying it. From goujons to drum sticks to whole chicken breasts. Thanks to the French culinary influences, Canada has a more refined approach. For more inspiration, see the dishes below:

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