Nowadays you can ask almost every home cook: for every Instagram-worthy, complex recipe you will find dozens of 5-ingredients wonders or 15-minute masterpieces. When our lives get more and more busy, the focus on quick and easy to prepare meals is growing fast. Even greater is the demand for products that can speed up and take off any frustrations out of the cooking process. Consumers are seeking for solutions which allow them to maximize their free time and spend more time doing things in which they like and value such as spending more time with family and friends. One of the biggest food trends is using convenience goods to create more leisure time.

Cooking Instruction

Good news! Our Country Cuisine products are convenience foods which require minimum further cooking preparation.

Our Country Cuisine’s finger food products can be consumed already directly after reheating according to instructions on its bag. For the best you cook our Country Cuisine products straight from frozen. All of our products contain extensive preparation methods, however please keep in mind that the instruction is for guidance only. Every kitchen appliance is different, so use the guidelines and ensure that the product is always piping hot before serving. Our cooking instruction is based on its individual product and depends on type of products, quantity of products and your preference heating equipment. Our Country Cuisine products are suitable for several cooking methods including microwave, deep frying, frying pan, oven and grilling.

Do you want to learn more about the cooking methods for the product that caught your interest? Please look for the specific thawing and cooking conditions on backside of the Country Cuisine bag.

Cooking instruction on Country Cuisine bag

Country Cuisine chicken

Country Cuisine’s chicken products are all precooked and individually frozen according to the highest safety standards. So it’s very easy to choose the right quantity from the packaging and thaw it using any of the above methods. We recommend reheating the frozen chicken according to the instructions on the Country Cuisine packaging. Use these instructions as a guide and, above all, make sure that the chicken has been heated sufficiently before it’s served.

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